How to use Introduction for Areas

Online Learning Commons (Trial)

Online Learning Commons is now open on Gather.Town (24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays).
Nagoya University students, faculty, and staff may enter at any time and from any location by filling out the entry form from the "Entrance" icon below.

How to use is up to you!
It can be used in a variety of ways, such as group study with friends, presentations preparation, taking a break between lessons, and online reading of recommended E-books. Of course, you are also welcome to use it alone.

※ Available only to students and faculty of Nagoya University.
※ Up to 10 simultaneous connections. It may not work properly when the capacity is exceeded. If you cannot enter the Online Learning Commons due to overloading, please wait a while before reconnecting.
※ Some services may be available only from on-campus access points or have open time limits.
※ Browsers:Google Chrome、Firefox、Safari


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Operation Guide

How to use    ⇒ Operation Manual(PDF)


【How to enter】

signin Click "Entrance" above to enter a web page that can only be accessed by students and faculty of Nagoya University. Please enter from that page.

① Set microphone & camera (on/off)
② Enter your name (nickname is OK)
③ Click "Join"
※ Your avatar can be edited freely


【Basic operations】

  • Move around by the arrow keys (←↑↓→).
  • Video calls will automatically start with people nearby.
  • If there is someone you can talk to, the other person's camera image or avatar will be displayed at the top. The farther apart the avatars are, the softer the sound and the lighter the image.
  • If your computer freezes, try to leave Gather and enter again, or turn off your camera.


【Talk/chat with a specific person or group】


space When moving around Online Learning Commons, if the color of the floor appears bright, conversation is possible only within that range.
Conversations are not heard by people outside the range.

←Only in the area with light green floor (picture in the left)

<When want to talk privately>


  1. Approach the person you want to talk to and click the avatar
  2. Select "Start bubble"
  3. A circular highlight appears on the floor (bubble mode conversation is now possible)
  4. To end the conversation, click "Leave Bubble"


You can also chat (communicate by message) with others.
Click "Chat" at the Navigation bar and select a range from "Room (whole)", "Nearby (people nearby)", and "Inbox (specific people)".


【Work in a group (share screens / share words and figures by whiteboards)】

  • Share your screen by "Screen Share" in the Navigation bar. The shared range is the range that your voice can reach (see 【Talk/chat with a specific person or group】).
  • By approaching a whiteboard and pressing the X key, you can write letters and figures and share them (exportable). Letters and figures will not be deleted even if you sign out, so be sure to delete them after using.


【Collect information】

  • By approaching objects such as "Information board & poster", "OPAC", "E-book", "Information", etc. and pressing the X key, you can see information about this object.


【How to leave】

  • Close browser tab or window.

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Introduction for Areas

2nd floor, online central library    ⇒ Area Details(PDF)



① Discovery Square

This is an area for workshops and seminars, but you can use it freely when workshops & seminars are not held.

  • Group work is possible at table A to D. Conversations can only be heard around each table.
  • Presentation practice using a whiteboard is possible. Your voice can only be heard around the whiteboard.

② Group Learning Area

This is an area for group studies and meetings.

  • Conversation and use of the whiteboard are possible. Conversations can only be heard around each whiteboard and table.
  • No reservations are required and there is no time limit.
  • Please save or delete the contents after using the whiteboard.

③ Seminar Room A・B

This is an area for workshops and seminars for small groups. You can use it freely when workshops and lectures are not held.

  • It is possible to have a conversation in each room and use the whiteboard.

④ E-books Recommended

This area displays E-books selected by the support desk staff.

  • Here are some thematic exhibitions and exhibitions for new E-books.
  • To read E-books, please click the link of that book.
  • When trying to visit electronic resources from off-campus, please finish authentication on "Remote Access: Off Campus Web Service Start Page" first.

⑤ Support Desk

This is an area where you can consult with the support desk staff about learning support (in Japanese, English and Chinese).

  • One-on-one talks with staff are available from 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. on weekdays for 30 minutes each time (advance reservation required).
  • Links for support desk related information are available. Please feel free to use it to collect information.

⑥ AV Booths

This is an area for seeing overseas satellite broadcasting (CNNj live streaming is available).

  • It can be viewed from the URL on the poster. However, you can only access it when connecting from NUWNET in Higashiyama Campus. (Access is not available for LANs, off-campus connections, or connections from other campuses.)

⑦ Service Desk

This is an area where you can obtain information on library services.

  • Links to information on library services are available.

⑧ OKB TFD Gallery

This is an area where you can experience a digital exhibition of Takagi family documents.

  • You can browse the exhibition below.
    "Takagi Hatamoto Family and Kiso Three River Basin Flood Control"

⑨ Cafe

This is an area where you can use freely for group meetings, breaks, etc.

  • Conversations are permitted within the area.

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