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Basic Information

AddressFuro-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya 464-8601 Japan
  • Information Desk : 052-789-3678
  • Reference Desk : 052-789-3680
  • Interlibrary Loan Desk : 052-789-3683
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Admission  :  Information Desk (ext.3678)

Students, faculty, staff members of Nagoya University and others, who have a ID card of the university or the Central Library Card, are eligible to use the Central Library. Be advised to apply for the library card, in case your ID card is not a magnetic one.

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Borrowing books  :  Circulation Desk (ext. 3678)

To check out books, bring to the Circulation Desk your ID/library card, and the books that you would like to borrow.

Circulation policies for members of Nagoya University.

Material typeLoan PeriodCheckout Limit
Books in 3F2 weeks10 items
Books in 1F and 4F8 weeks20 items
Audio-visual materials2 weeks5 sets


Circulation policies for outsiders of Nagoya University.

Material typeLoan PeriodCheckout Limit
Books in 3F2 weeks3 items
Books in 1F and 4F2 weeks5 items
Audio-visual materialsUnborrowable

*Non-circulating materials
The following types of materials are non-circulating; reference books, rare books, microforms, periodicals, newspapers, and doctoral theses.

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Returning books  :  Circulation Desk (ext. 3678)

Return the books over the Circulation Desk during the regular library hours. Otherwise, drop the books to the book post located outside the entrance. You are responsible for returning books to the library by the date due. In case you fail to return the books by the date due, your right to loan books will be suspended during the same period as your overdue days.

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Renewals : Circulation Desk (ext. 3678)

Loan period can be renewed over the Circulation Desk. Bring to the Circulation Desk your ID/library card and the books you want to renew before the date due.

Renewal times.

PositionMaterial typeRenewal times
Member of Nagoya UniversityBooks in 3F2 times
Books in 1F and 4F1 time
Outsiders of Nagoya UniversityBooks in 1F, 3F and 4F1 time

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Reservation : Circulation Desk (ext. 3678)

If you are a member of Nagoya University and find the book currently loaned by somebody else, you can reserve books. Provide the necessary information regarding the books on the reservation application form, and submit it to the Circulation Desk.

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Reference Service : Reference/Interlibrary Loan Desk (ext. 3680)

The staff members at the Reference/Interlibrary Loan Desk serve to provide a variety of assistance including;

  • Answering inquiries regarding the services and resources available in the Central Library
  • Helping to find information about books on a certain topic
  • Instructing how to use library catalogs, data bases, and indexes for information you need.
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Digital Resources

The Central Library owns mainly 3 types of digital resources available to the library users. They are online databases, CD-ROMs, and electronic journals.

Online databases

See the online databases at   Databases By Subject.


Available at the Databases Search Area in Central Library.

  • PDF-2(Powder Diffraction File)
  • ... etc.

Electronic Journals

Nagoya University subscribes to electronic, as well as paper version of academic journals in various disciplines.

See the electronic journals at   Nagoya University electronic Journal DataBase.

More details about e-Journals

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Visiting and Ordering from other libraries : Reference/Interlibrary Loan Desk (ext. 3682 / 3683)

If a book or journal you want is not available in Nagoya University (your campus), you can visit other libraries or order copy of an article or book from other libraries.

Visiting other libraries More info

When you visit libraries of other universities, you should observe the rules of the libraries.

Some libraries may require an appointment in advance or/and a letter of introduction to use their library resources. A letter of introduction is issued at the Reference/Interlibrary Loan Desk(Mon-Fri 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.). Please apply at least one week before the date of visit.

Interlibrary Loan More info

You can order copy of an article or book from other libraries.

*Nagoya University Library bears a part of the charge of ILL from April, 2013. For more detail, please see the document (in Japanese).

Fees and dates vary depending on partner countries and libraries. Please refer to the list.

Copy/Loan application can be made in OPAC with Nagoya University ID and Password. Web Request

When you order copies or books, ask at your departmental library.

You can also order through Central Library if you pay fees at your own expense.

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Photocopying : Reference/Interlibrary Loan Desk (ext. 3682 / 3683)

Photocopying in the library is permitted only for the purpose of personal study or research. Only a partial copy of library items is permitted within the limits specified by the Copyright Law(*).

(*)Copyright Law : Article 31. (Reproduction in libraries, etc.)
(i) where, in response to the request of a user of a library, etc. and for the purpose of his research or study, such user is furnished with a single reproduction of (a)a part of a work already made public, or (b) in the case of an individual work reproduced in a periodical already published for a considerable period of time, all of such individual work.

Photocopying in Central Library

There are photocopy machines for use at the university expense as well as private expense.

  • Before copying, please fill out the ‘Application Form of Copy Services’ located by the photocopy machines, and after filling out the number of copies, place the ‘application form’ in the box provided.
  • Private expense:
    There are two types of photocopy machines: coin-type and Co-op copy card type. Co-op copy cards can be purchased at a vending machine on the 2nd Floor.
  • University expense:
    Fill out the ‘Copy Card Application Form’ at the Reference/Interlibrary Loan Desk and obtain a Central Library Copy Card (Service hours: Monday-Friday 8:30-17:00) .
  • Copying other than self-service copy machine:
    When you need a receipt, use a scanner or microform reader printer, please inquire at the Reference/Interlibrary Loan Desk (Service hours: Monday-Friday 8:30-16:30). The fees for copying are as follows:
    Private expense
    (Nagoya Univ. students and faculty)
    Private expense
    University expense
    (Only for Nagoya Univ. students and faculty)
    Black-and-white copy 20 yen per sheet 35 yen per sheet 12 yen per sheet
    Color copy 60 yen per sheet 105 yen per sheet 60 yen per sheet
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Facilities in the Central Library : Circulation Desk (ext.3678)

Those who are affiliated with Nagoya University are eligible to use the following facilities in the Central Library.

  • Research Rooms(4F) *
  • Audio-visual Booths (2F) *
  • Learning Pods(3F) **
  • Seminar Rooms (2F, 4F) **

* Get the key using key deposit machine (2F) with your ID card.

** Make a booking at the Circulation Desk (Bookings: weekdays 8:30-17:00, Applications for same day use: Open-30 min. before closing time) .

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OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog)

OPAC allows access to books acquired after April 1987, and periodicals. OPAC can be searched through internet via Nagoya University Library Home Page, as well as by the computer terminals in the library.

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Arrangement of Books and Periodicals

Books in the Central Library are classified and arranged based on the NDC (Nippon Decimal Classification) system. Books in 1F and 4F (books for researchers), Kanji based and non-Kanji based books are shelved separately at different locations.

Periodicals are arranged in the following order according to the title.

LanguageBased on
Japanese and ChineseJapanese syllabaries (a,i,u,e,o etc.)
KoreanKorean syllabaries
RussianCyrillic alphabets
Other languagesRoman alphabets

Most of the materials, save rare books and microforms, housed by the library are accessible to all library users. For rare books and microforms, contact the librarian at the Information Desk.

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Use of departmental libraries

Nagoya University Library consists of Central Library, Medical Library and more than 30 Department Libraries.

Before visiting those libraries, please check NAGOYA University Library Guide.


Contact Us

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