Request Applications for Central Library Faculty Recommended Book and Student’s Book Purchase

The Web Request Central Library accepts applications for faculty recommended books and student’s book purchase requests at any time.
We look forward to receiving your application.


About recommended books and book purchase requests

  • Faculty recommended books: Please notify us of any books (in print or electronic format) that you, as a faculty member, wish to recommend for the Central Library’s academic collection.
  • Student’s book purchase requests: Please notify us of any books (in print or electronic format) that you, as a student, would like us to purchase for the Central Library’s academic collection.
  • The academic collection is to help Nagoya University students with their studies. Please refer to the “Collection policy for the study book” for more details on our book selection criteria.


Application Procedure

    1. 1. Confirm whether the book is available within Nagoya University using OPAC As a general rule, if the book is available at the University, the available copy should be used. However, in special circumstances, we can consider purchasing books; for example, if a book is always on loan and unavailable.
    2. 2.Confirm the publication details: Research the publication details such as the title, author(s) name, ISBN, publisher, and year of publication on publisher’s website.
    3. Follow the links to the respective forms below. A Nagoya University ID is required to login.
      It is possible to copy and paste the publication details into the form; however, please make sure to include the ISBN and as much detail as possible.


About Meidai ID/University ID

Meidai ID/University ID and password are required to submit an application. For questions such as “What’s a Meidai ID?” or “Forgot your password?” please visit the following page.

» Nagoya University ID(Information Technology Center of the Information and Communications Headquarters)

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