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Services of the Library

You can receive various services at the library, besides borrowing a book.


Those who want to know what kind of services are available. ⇒ Service Guide
Those who want to study in the library. ⇒ Facilities (JP)
Those who want to study while discussing in a group. ⇒ Learning Commons (Central Library)
Those who want materials that are not available to get at the library. ⇒ Interlibrary Loan
Those who want to collect materials via online. ⇒ Search (See "Electronic Resources")


Libraries in Nagoya University

In addition to the central library, there are libraries in faculties and departments.
Please contact each library or department about facility usage and service details.


Central Library Tour Online

This is for those who use the library for the first time. It will help you learn how to use the central library, such as floor guidance, arrangement of the books, automatic book borrowing machines, printers, and automatic key borrowing devices.

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Tips for Research

Here are some pages that will help you with daily learning.


Tips for finding materials

You can check how to look for basic materials. (JP)
Arrangement of books and journals |  Finding books or journals |  Finding articles |  Finding news articles


Guide sheets

Those are the guides for beginners to learn about various contents such as How to find books, magazines, newspaper articles, how to use various databases or OPAC user services, etc.


Support Desk’s note (JP)

The graduate student staff writes articles (columns) on topics many students often consulted at the support desk, such as problems with reports and graduation thesis, and communication with academic advisors.


Guidance materials offered by each library of faculty and department.

Medical Library |  Bioagricultural Library

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Learning & Library Consultation

If you have any problems with the materials you need for your study or research, don’t hesitate to get in touch with any service desk below. Some desk can respond to your consultation online.


Learning consultation

Support Desk, 2nd floor, Central Library

Graduate student staff are available to offer advice regarding your studies.
Consult the Support Desk when you need advice from senior students on report writing and have questions regarding a specific study field.
Consultation is also available in English, Chinese, and Japanese.

Content of support How to write a thesis or report, how to use software such as Microsoft Word of Power Point, etc.
Open hours Weekdays, 15:00-19:00

❖ Online study consultation is available here (reservation required)


Consultation on library use & reference

Staff at the service desk will answer your questions.
Please consult with them when you have questions about using library facilities, or when you need help in researching literature and academic information.
Click here for more details.

Library Online Consultation

You can consult the library staff via Teams.

Content of support Questions about the library services, how to find materials, how to access materials off-campus, how to search for book and articles.
Open hours Weekdays, 10:00-17:00


Libraries and Service Desk

You can consult library staff by going to the counter, telephone or e-mail.

Content of support Questions about the library services, how to find materials, how to access materials off-campus, how to search for book and articles.
Open hours Please check the details of each library and service desk.

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The Central Library offers a variety of seminars on using databases and academic skills for Nagoya University members. You can participate in those seminars in real-time by face to face, online live or a hybrid method. In addition, there are on-demand guidance videos you can watch as many times as you like.
If you are interested in any seminar, please do not hesitate to join it.


  Live (On-Site, Hybrid, Online)   |    On Demand   |    Guidance Program

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