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Maruzen eBook Library

Browse each eBook for 5 minutes about 75,000 titles. If you'd like it, you can request it.
⇒ info. / How to request (JP)

Sep.1,2021 - Jan.31,2022

About E-book Service

Electronic books (e-books) are digital version of books. Subscribed e-books are available on campus.

Points of merit :

  • Full-text search
  • Cross-search multiple dictionaries
  • Access from outside of the Library

All E-Books purchased by the University are available from any computer connected to the campus network.

Searching for E-Books :

  1. If you know the title, author name, or ISBN, you can search it here.
  2. You can also search from the Nagoya University Library Search (OPAC).
  3. Some E-Books cannot be searched through methods 1 and 2 above. Please refer to the  "Subscribed E-Book"  list below.

Some titles can be accessed by Remote Access Service from outside of Nagoya University.

Off-Campus Access

E-books with RIcon, Nagoya University members can access them from off campus by remote access. It needs "Nagoya Univ. ID".
Please see "Remote Access : Off Campus Web Services Start Page ".

Subscribed E-Book

Database Title Off-campus Number of concurrent Subject Language
Blackwell Reference Online   [Info]

*Integrated into "Wiley Online Library"(July 2018)

R Encyclopedia, Dictionary, Companion English
Gale eBooks   [Info] [User guide] (in Japanese)

IE is not recommended.
E-books for Reference published by Gale group.

R Encyclopedia English
JapanKnowledge Lib  OS/Browser  [Info]

IE is not recommended.
Nipponika, Nikkoku Online, Gendai Yogo no Kiso Chishiki, imidas etc.

R 5 Encyclopedia, Dictionary Japanese
Nikkoku-Online  OS/Browser  [info]

IE is not recommended.
Online version of "Nihon Kokugo Daijiten 2nd ed.", the largest Japanese dictionary. Nikkoku Online is provided on JapanKnowledge Lib platform. Concurrent user is 5(Shared with JapanKnowledge). After finishing your search, please click "logout" button.

R 10 Dictionary Japanese

Kagaku binran, Jikken kagaku koza etc.

R Encyclopedia Japanese
Kenkyusha Online Dictionary

19 dictionaries published by Kenkyusha

R 5 Dictionary English・Japanese
Kokushi Daijiten Web  OS/Browser  [Info]

IE is not recommended.
Encyclopedia of Japanese History

R 1 Dictionary Japanese
Oxford Dictionary of National Biography   [Info]

More than 57,000 biographies from the 4th century BC to the 21st century.

Biographies English
Oxford English Dictionary (OED)   [Info]

The world's leading authority on the history of the English language since 1150.

R Dictionary English
Oxford Reference Online   [Info]

Dictionaries, World Encyclopedia, World Maps etc.

R Encyclopedia, Dictionary, Companion English
Rikanenpyo Premium   

"Rika Nenpyo(Chronological Scientific Tables)" 1925 to present.

R Encyclopedia Japanese
Wiley Online Library   [Info]

Search the journals published by John Wiley & Sons
*Integrated "Blackwell Reference Online"(July 2018)

R Encyclopedia English


E-Book for READ
Database Title Off-campus Number of concurrent Subject Language
AMS eBooks   [info]

eBook collections published by the American Mathematical Society.
Available titles
Contemporary Mathematics
Graduate Studies in Mathematics
Student Mathematical Library
University Lecture Series
MAA Press Archive

R Mathematics English
Books@Ovid R Pathology
Nursing science
Brill Online Books and Journals

Purchased 183 titles of Cambridge University Press

R General English
Cambridge Books Online   [Info]

E-Books and E-Journal published by Brill

R General English
Cambridge Companions Online   [Info]

393 titles of Cambridge Companions series

R Literature, Philosophy English
Cambridge Histories Online (School of Humanities)   [Info]

over 250titles of Cambridge Histories series

R 5 History English
De Gruyter eBooks

E-Books inclusing De Gruyter's publications, as well as published by Harvard University Press and other partner publishers.

R Social science English
Early English Books Online (EEBO) [NII-REO]

Early English Books Online (EEBO) contains digital facsimile page images of virtually every work printed in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and British North America and works in English printed elsewhere from 1473-1700 - from the first book printed in English by William Caxton, through the age of Spenser and Shakespeare and the tumult of the English Civil War.

R General European language
EBSCO eBook Collection   [Info]

Search and viewing eBooks

R 1 for a title General English・Japanese
Eighteenth Century Collections Online [NII-REO]

Database of microfilm collection : "The Eighteenth Century". The works published in the UK during the 18th century plus thousands from elsewhere.

R General European language
Elgaronline R Social science English
European Mathematical Society Publishing House eBook   [Info]
R Mathematics English
Gale eBooks   [Info] [User guide] (in Japanese)

IE is not recommended.
E-books for Reference published by Gale group.

R General English
Infobase Publishing eBooks

Current Issues eBook Collection (128 titles), Science & Technology eBook Collection (152 titles)

R General English
InteLex Past Masters   [Info]

The collected works of John Dewey

Social science English
Maruzen eBook Library   [How to request] (in Japanese) [Info]

Academic books in Japan

R 1 or 3 for a title General Japanese
The Making of the Modern World

Digital facsimile images from the period 1450-1914 on social sciences.
Part.1&2 [NII-REO]
Part.1 - 3 [Gale]

R Social science European language
Nomos eLibrary  FAQ

Academic e-books in law and other social sciences
※Only contract titles are available.

R Social science European language
Oxford Handbooks Online R General English
Oxford Medicine Online

A digital platform hosting Oxford University Press' prestigious medical titles.

R Medicine, Pharmacy English
Oxford Scholarship Online

Academic e-books on 20 fields issued by Oxford University Press

R General English
ProQuest Ebook Central   help  User guide  [How to request] (in Japanese)

Ebook Central delivers, with breadth and depth of ebooks from scholarly sources about 900,000 titles. Only purchased titles are available. Browse other titles for 5 minutes, and can request it.

R General English
Real Reads Interactive   Manual (in Japanese)

available : Classic Literature / Modern Literature
Real Reads Interactive eBooks are retellings of great literature from around the world, each fitted into a 64-page eBook. These books include audio, so enjoy listening as you read the story.

R Language English
Routledge Handbooks Online

E-Books collection on 23 fields of the humanities and social science. In Nagoya University, 23 titles on philosophy(Philosophy 2017 package) are available.

R General English
ScienceDirect   [Info]

4584 titles of textbooks, reference books, and Book series

R Biochemistry,
Life science,
Social science
SpringerLink Book Series

Over 4,000 titles of book Series (Lecture Notes, Advances, Progress, etc.) and books

R General English
Taylor & Francis eBooks

E-Books from the humanities and social science publisher.

R 1 General English
Thomson Reuters ProView

E-books published by Thomson Reuters.

R General English
University Press Scholarship Online (UPSO) (GSID)

Online contents from leading university presses.
*Only purchased titles available

R General English
Very Short Introductions Online (VSI)

Launched by Oxford University Press in 1995, Oxford's Very Short Introductions series provide concise, intelligent introductions to a diverse range of subject areas.

R General English
What Everyone Needs to Know

A series of overviews on current issues, with experts explaining the current situation and background for the general public.

R General English
World Scientific

E-books published by World Scientific
*Only purchased titles available

R General English


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